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Franklin American Mortgage is one of the worst run companies.They missed our closing date by now 3 business days, not including the weekend.

They are disorganized, disrepectful, and can't even be bothered to contact my mortgage broker when they say they will. My mortgage broker has never had any problem with a company like them, and this is the first time in 4 years that my realtor has had a deal close in escrow. Many of the documents they sent over were wrong as well. I will NEVER use them again, and look forward to selling or refinancing so I can end the relationship with these fools.

We now have had to rescedule our moving, and services twice to accomodate things.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #610201

Unfortunately my loan was sold to them. Still waiting on an answer on whether or not they received my property tax information.....

Just waiting for them to sell me off.


You have to sit on hold for over 20 minutes to get information about where to make your online payment-for those of you, like me, freaking out looking for the website before your payment is late, it is FAMCHOMELOAN.COM.Everytime I googled online payment, it brought me to a page that said that option was not available at this time.

I kept trying everyday with the same response, finally today I call the number it tells you to call for payments. I sat on hold for over 20 minutes, when the woman finally answered my call she was rude..acted like I was a *** and kept trying to hang up on me. If I wait 20 minutes for your company to answer my call, you *** well better patiently help me and answer my questions, instead I got "Ok mam, is that all? Ok mam..

Ok mam.. Heres another number if you have more problems" What a joke!! I spoke with her for less than 1 minute!!

Get better customer service personnel and maybe a few more of them so the people paying you thousands of dollars a month are treated better!!!:( :( :( :( :( :( ...

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PLEASE HELP!Where do I toto make an online payment?

My loan has already been sold to the service department.Thanks.


This company is a scam.Do no use them.

They advertise to banks as a lender but in fact they are just another broker. They do not take care of your loan they will sell it immediately. Their website is set up to time out within a few seconds so that when you try to log in you are locked out. You can not get in to set up auto pay or pay online.

They are in the business of trying to destroy your credit and take your property. If you banks wants to run your loan through them find another bank. I though Bank of America was the worst but I was wrong.

I should never have let my wife talk me into refinancing my home.RUN, RUN, RUN!!


If your assigned to the processor Jihn Dalton..

. Run, run far, far away!

He will jack your closing, files, life all up!:eek

to John-Dalton Slacker Denver, Colorado, United States #606358

I went thru the same with Mark Barnett in Westminster, co.


I would not recommend working at FAMC.The pay and benefits are terrible and only the "friends" of management get promoted.

Like Crystal Flores a previous babysitter for Robert Frank JR.(VP at FAMC)that has been working there for years and getting paid for doing nothing... I have never seen such incompetent management.

Avoid this company at all costs.Very racist as well...


Something has truly gone wrong at FAMC.I've used them in the past to close 3 of my homes with no problems.

Now, this time we set up a double close on a home and both were financed through FAMC. The loan processor was fully aware of the closing dates and the situation at hand. All of our belongs are in storage and have been for 4 days now and our new home is still not closed. In fact, I'm being told that the loan just now went to underwriting.

It's funny as I've been told for the last three days, that we would be closing at any time.

All I have to say is that the lack of communication and organization is terrible now.DO NOT USE FRANKLIN AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY!!!!


@"Proud to work for FAMC" Typical PR person paid by the company to say something that makes them look good when REAL people state truths about the company and the bad experience they've had.I've seen it all too many times and have experienced the same *** with other companies.

How much did they pay you idiots?

People aren't that ***.They got your comment routine figured out by now you ***.


Today is Tuesday, March 27, 2012.I am moving from Atlanta to Gulfport, MS and thought everything was going well on our home.

Well my husband was notified this afternoon that his work is considered "temp" even though the verification of employment says probabiltiy of continued employment is "excellent". The shocker is, we were going to rent the home until we close and now that we can't close, we are out of a house and I'm moving in 2, yes 2 days. I emailed the rep. at Franklin American yesterday and didn't get a response, my husband calls & the line is busy, come to find out they are changing their name and moving offices so that excuses them from doing their job.

I would NEVER recommend this company. They have screwed us out of our dream home.

Now I've got 1 day to find somewhere for my family to live.Thanks alot!

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