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They have stolen over 2000 dollars from us and will NOT return. We have no account with them. WE have been working over 40 days to get our money back. They will not return calls anymore. We have contacted attorney general but still nothing. They arent our mortgage company. At first they said they received money now they said they never got it and wont talk to us. I dont know what else to do and we have a real mortgage to pay. We cant just be out... Read more

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I have owned five homes, initiating mortgages with different lenders and most of those were sold on the secondary market, so I've dealt with a few mortgage companies. These people are the absolute worst. They bought our mortgage from another company and failed to pay our taxes out of escrow on time. Shortly after their failure to do their job a line item appeared on our bill titled "city, utility" for an additional $45.66. When we called the... Read more

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Both of my parent passed away in 3 months and I am the executor of their estate. Their mortgage was with Franklin American and the company was the worst to work with. I went through probate fast ( 3 weeks) just to talk to them and made sure I did my part to make sure this process was easy. They made it extremely hard. After sending in all my documentation, it took them 6-7 weeks and 3 phone calls just to get the documents I needed sent to... Read more

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I refinanced with Franklin American back in 2014. The mortgage officer gave me a rate of 3.65 % but when I went to closing the rate was now 3.75% , we tried to call the mortgage officer but he wouldn’t answer his phone he would only respond via email and said the rate was 3.75%, he basically was saying tough luck. I decided to go ahead and sign the loan papers even though I thought what Franklin American had done was very unprofessional to say... Read more

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For about the past 4 months, I spend at least one hour a week on the phone with them to deal with issues for automatic direct payment from my checking acct and issues with them not properly applying my insurance to my acct, then they purchase a policy twice as much as mine should be, and make me pay for it. Every time I call them, they say that it has been handled, but a week later, i get a letter in the mail stating there's an issue. My... Read more

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Had autopay on and the website mentioned everything was perfectly fine and scheduled. 45+ days later I get a letter saying they are going to default on my loan. I did my part and ensured it was working, now suffering from their ill programmed website (I am a web developer myself). They claimed because I didn't answer my phone (no voicemails were left, all I got was automated calls which I hang up on) and that I didn't read my mailed invoices... Read more

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Great mortgage company for me as a first home buyer. They gave me a good interest rate with no loan prepayment penulty. I sometimes mail checks for principal curtailment that get there on time, although recently they have started taking over 3 weeks to be processed and reflected on my loan. This delay could me from the UPS or the mail sorters at their office. I called about this recent delay and the customer service was super nice; she... Read more

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By far the WORST company i ever worked for! Glad i left! Would never go back

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I just got off the phone with a customer service representative complaining about a post-dated check I sent to them that they deposited, causing an overdraft in my checking account. The representative said there's nothing they can do to reverse the damage. He also said that I needed to make the post dated payment over the phone. I REFUSE to give ANY information about my account over the phone regardless of who it is. He acted like he didn't give... Read more

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