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By far the WORST company i ever worked for! Glad i left! Would never go back Add comment

I just got off the phone with a customer service representative complaining about a post-dated check I sent to them that they deposited, causing an overdraft in my checking account. The representative said there's nothing they can do to reverse the damage. He also said that I needed to make the post dated payment over the phone. I REFUSE to give ANY information about my account over the phone regardless of who it is. He acted like he didn't give a Rat's *** about me. I contacted a TVconsumer reporter in my area. I will never recommend this... Read more

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I am simply waiting on my mortgage payment to be sent to my home its late because they havent sent it out and im not paying late charges its not my fault. Add comment

Can't pay a partial payment, actually sent my payment back. Can not pay early. Online payment only available certain hours. Call to make payment and they are overwhelmed and taking messages for call backs within 24 hours. No phone payment methods possible. Horrible customer service. Was sold to this company and can not wait to be refinanced. I WILL NEVER recommend them. RUN IN the other direction. Have not had a company with such poor customer service and lack of technology. People on the phone are rude and not interested in helping anyone.... Read more

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I had no issues at first they are now selling my MTG to another servicer, cool, they have NO Clue who it is!!!! Are you kidding me!!!they give me a # for a company I call them, they have never heard or FAMC. Can't fine anything by my name or account # that is to be my new MTG # from the "new servicer". What a joke Add comment

Was told I qualified and everything was good, just need to pay for a "Home Appraisal" Once they got my credit card number and charged 500 on it, about a week later just before the loan was supposed to "Fund" they said there were problems. OK I told them to articulate the problems in writing and have it signed by the person rejecting the loan. After that...... SILENCE... No one would answer a phone call. You could only leave messages. NOW keep in mind all emails were on "ASSENT" letter heads (emails). The loan documents were generated for... Read more

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We have had a mortgage with Franklin American Mortgage for a little over 2 years. From the beginning, our experience with FAM has been a nightmare. Approval & closing were not an issue, as we went through another mortgage company. However, they sold the paper and we wound up with FAM. First, it took 7 months, and countless hours on the phone and e-mails to get them to draft our mortgage payment (auto pay). I have NEVER had so much trouble GIVING someone money in my life. Repeatedly we would be told that the "auto pay" was good to go;... Read more

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Worst company in the world!!!! Had a commitment from these idiots on a home loan, the day before scheduled closing they pull the loan!! They are not a bank that funds your loan, all their going to do is run you through the ringer just to get you approved (which don't mean *** to these idiots) and once it's all Said and done, their going to sell your loan to a big bank. Save yourself the headache, 1: don't deal with this fricking idiots, 2: go deal with a bank that is actually going to fund your loan, it's a much easier process. I lost over... Read more

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I received a tax bill and was informed that sufficient funds for tax were not met and they payed them which left me owing them 3, 500 dollars. I investigated this matter and found that the county tax office had me listed as a non resident. I quickly corrected this issue and sent the necessary documentation to Franklin Mortgage and this is where the nightmare begin. I was informed that I not only owed them 3500 dollars which I payed them mind you but they were not going to accept my loan payment at the amount that was agreed upon for the... Read more

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For two years in a row FA failed to send our homeowner's insurance to the incorrect insurance office. In 2013 when they failed to get it to the correct office we provided them with the correct address (which they had in 2012 but somehow were unable to use in 2013). In 2013 they immediately stopped payment and got the money to the correct office. Forward to May 2014 and they notify us our mortgage has been sold to PennyMac and this will occur July 2, 2014. On July 8, we receive notice our homeowner's premium has not been paid. We look in... Read more

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